Your brand is the personality of your organization. Your brand will determine your “likeability” factor and will influence and attract those clients and customers that have an affinity for the qualities you represent. Genesis Design develops brand character for our clients through an integrated approach that involves all channels of communication.

Integrated Branding: A business that truly embraces  integrated branding principles provides a well-coordinated and consistent approach to everything its customers experience. Integrated branding is a process that extends beyond simply providing a visual “look” for your company. Successful branding aligns your communications with your branding imperatives, integrates messages across media disciplines and helps transform your audiences’ experience with your products and services. It is as important to the vitality of your business as the actual product or service you are selling.

Strategic Planning: Genesis Design employs a multi-disciplinary team of strategists from all disciplines: brand management, creative, public relations, social media and web design to ensure that our professionals  are developing the most innovative marketing solutions for our clients. Our team meets with our clients to review market position, identify goals and objectives, determine target markets and develop a realistic budget. We then develop a strategic plan of action, create a timeline for implementation and track results.

Brand Management: To best service your account, our brand managers lead strategic planning sessions, spearhead client projects, oversee budgets and monitor the effectiveness of initiatives. Members of the team are directly responsible for promoting and nurturing client relationships. They are considered the “keepers” of the client’s interests and brand integrity and are responsible for ensuring the client’s marketing strategy is adhered to with the production of creative materials that meet desired objectives.

Creative Services: At Genesis Design, we thrive on producing outstanding creative. The designs, illustrations, graphics and images we have created for our clients are testaments to our artistic talents, sensibilities and perceptiveness. The coupling of powerful words and designs is a particularly identifiable trait of our work. Strong, persuasive copy with a purpose complements the graphics to achieve the communications goals we are seeking on behalf of the client. We will take you through the complete process, from conception of an idea to finished copy and artwork, with your input and approval as key elements of the creative journey.

Public Relations: Public relations activities should be designed to enhance the public’s perception of your brand through ongoing publicity efforts in the media. Traditional public relations activities include researching, writing and issuing press releases, holding press conferences, promoting feature stories and a wide array of promotional tactics designed to garner appropriate coverage for your product or service through avenues other than traditional paid advertising including social media.
Media Services: Media Services involves the planning, negotiating and buying of advertising space, whether it be through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, on the web or out-of-home media. Our professionals will develop a solid media plan for you and will present it in the form of a schedule with a media selection rationale. After the strategy is presented and approved, Genesis Design will order the ad space and help to ensure all placements are fulfilled as specified. The buyer will approve all invoices and make sure all ads run accordingly. The goal is to spend our clients’ media dollars in the most viable, targeted and far-reaching outlets possible.

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